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Engineering services to design Process Control Systems in various industrial fields

 The Khartep offers a full range of engineering services to design Process Control Systems. The list of suggested works by specialists of the Khartep company includes:

  • Create a system of classification and coding (KKS);
  • Form the primary database table;
  • Develop automation schemes (P & ID, F & ID, SCD);
  • Develop detailed design of field equipment, including circuits diagrams, to measure and to control valves, circuit internal and external connection of wiring, cable register and specifications;
  • Develop and implement standard control algorithms for shock and control valves and other instruments;
  • Develop and implement algorithms of technological protections and interlocks (ESD);
  • Develop and implement alarms algorithms;
  • Implement step by step programs and functional group control;
  • Implement control algorithms;
  • Develop and implement control mnemonics to visualize technological process;

The specialists of Khartep are guided:

  • International regulatory documentations;
  • National regulatory documentations (for a example, NORSOK in case to provide engineering for Norwegian customers);
  • Legal documentation of customers (for a example, Shell, BP, Statoil and other).

The specialists of Khartep have experience to design Process Control Systems for customers from economy sectors such as:

  • Energy;
  • Oil and gas (projects as Ormen Lange, Draugen, Statfjord Late Life and other);
  • Metallurgy (ferrous and nonferrous metals, ferro-alloys);
  • Chemical.


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