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Development of automated metering system - AMR

 1.Using the additional calculations module

AMR system development is implemented as a plug-in and includes the following issues.

First of all, there are calculations of paid losses, additional calculations for unbalance measurement, grouping of the measurements at the boundaries of belonging. The module is implemented as a separate subsystem that can be integrated with any AMR system which provides the storage of data in a relational DBMS Oracle or MS SQL. Along with the various means of inter-system interaction based on database and Web services the module includes its own client-side graphical schemes editor which supports a methodology of IEC 61970 standard.

Gains from integration is a qualitatively different level of calculation tasks, due to the fact that the computational scheme are determined exclusively by the graphical editor in the form of common models taking into account the topology of the electrical connections. This will allow:

  • Automate the selection list and order of additional calculations algorithms for electrical interconnections to bring the flows volume to the boundaries of belonging;
  • To provide visibility for the control and input parameters of the calculation procedures, dramatically reduce and even eliminate the amount of work on the bugs that inevitably will arise due to traditional editors of formulas and binding means of measurement;
  • Automate the configuration of layout rows with the implementation of required groupings and rounding taking into account the direction of import / export of active energy, the summation of rounding errors within a month etc.;
  • Apply different approaches to calculating and posting losses, it is easy to switch between algorithms. For example, the loss may be considered on daily expenses and spread by the hour schedule in proportion to the load. Another option – the calculation from the beginning of the month and the difference after deducting the previous day calculations is carried on the schedule, etc.;
  • Provide automatic configuration of the data exchange and data event logs from points in the import of calculated schemes. This calculated scheme is not only a specification of the algorithm for calculating, but also as the qualifier/codifier of measurements in the common model. In contrast to the layout lines codes and channels UPPD the generalized model allows us to specify information per-connection and significantly expand information support for the coordination of flows  for related subjects.

2. Demonstration

Please consider flows scheme of the two subjects:



To make calculation for cost by meters of Subject # 1 to boundaries of balance belonging you must take into account the losses in the VL1, T1 to make the high imbalance of TA1 and calculate losses in the segment VL2. Calculation of losses in the lines and buses unbalance should consider the possibility of work for part of the network to import and export of active energy during one period of integration.

The implementation of a calculated scheme for the Subject # 1 in a module of additional calculation is shown on the video clip.

Record shows that three minutes and little bit more were enough to start from scratch to finish the calculation based on real data. On the last screen you can see the system performs calculations in strict accordance with the set of input parameters and connections logic:


On the picture the balance of power flows on interconnection is shown, but using the selector in the toolbar costs for the flow and return of active energy can be viewed separately. Costs are marked by characters: "A" – active, "R" – reactive, "L" – restored on the end of the line, "T" – on the transformer, "W" –on the buses imbalance. If the first letter is missing then the cost were got from AMR systems. Positive values indicate the flow of active, reactive power on the tires, negative – return.

Part of the work which was done by the schemes editor remained behind the screen – this add-tree AMR metering points associated with new accessions. Connections are grouped under the reserved top and marked with a special code on which calculations of these connections and posting on load graphic will be performed by the module of additional calculations instead of standard procedures.


Next to Schemes which are not completed to be calculated is a group of "MD. Imported schemes. "It points fall by the schemes received from neighboring entities. In our example, this scheme is Subject 2 with a point on the PS2 and the boundary of the balance on the VL2. The only difference in treatment lies in the fact that the calculations will be performed prior to importing the necessary data points adjacent AMR (here - PS2/t1). In addition to the half-hour (time) costs, import tags include the quality and the events associated with the synchronization of clock, manual input, switching agents, other. If both the subject of the development of AMR exploit LLC "Khartep", then additional information will be stored and will be available as well as the data points of their own records. Otherwise, it will be presented in the form of unstructured reports, tied to a particular scheme and the estimated days.

3. Conclusion

It may seem that the game is not worth the candle if the calculation of commercial data has already been configured Wholesale Market of Power Energy receives data on the UPPD without remarks, and administrators believe sufficient opportunities of available AMR systems. But keep in mind:

  • At the moment the data collection subsystem of Wholesale Market of Power Energy monitors only internal consistency of the package of each subject separately. The question of harmonization of data for related entities remains open. The parties will have advantage which have more complete information that enables the exchange of information models;
  • Many documents defining the procedure for metering in the wholesale market of power energy are under development. As a rule, the new edition of documents needs to be improved its software. Additional calculations module provides sufficient flexibility and ease to be modified because the regulations for groupings, rounding and posting are clearly separated from the topology of the connections and calculations of losses in conductive elements;
  •  In the calculation of electricity from wholesaler’s large supplier and consumers are interested. We should expect an increase in the number of market participants and, accordingly, new allied with the consequent restructuring of the calculations and reporting. Clearly, it will be necessary in the future to return to configure the metering repeatedly;
  • Holding of feeder analysis. With a powerful tool for network modeling it is easy to make individual sections of the unbalance of networks using data from AMR systems obtained automatically and manually based on the results of control measurements.
  • Calculation buses unbalances. This is one aspect of feeder analysis when necessary to correlate with the actual unbalance admissible. If the mating AMR system does not have sufficient data on the accuracy of meters and transformers they can be extended in the schemes editor.

Last. Progress in information provision of power energy market is now estimated by the level of compliance and support for Common Information Model (CIM) defined by international standards: IEC 61970, IEC 61968, IEC 61850-7. A private task of collecting, processing and measurement of power meters are also subject to these requirements. Just now there is no necessary support at the national level as well as systems that need to interact in the context of certain funds and CIM model. The situation could change dramatically if the WPM, for example, will buy turnkey solution for the organization of the wholesale market.

The additional calculations module can serve as a bridge which will retain the investment which was made in existing AMR and provide seamless integration with the next generation. In addition to solving problems of metering it was a top priority of development.




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