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Access control systems

Khartep company provides services to design and implement modern access control systems for enterprises.

The implementation of access control allows significantly raise the labor discipline in the enterprise, makes it easy to arrange an automated time tracking, improve the quality of the formation of various reports about working time of employees and other statistical documents including time sheets.


Main features of the system

The implementation of the access control system on the enterprise makes it possible to solve many tasks as following:

  • Open actuators (turnstiles, electro-mechanical locks, latches, etc.) while reading the passage registered in the system memory and having the appropriate access rights;
  • Automated time recording of entry and exit of workers to the territory of the enterprise (registration time of arrival and departure, time of departure from the territory during working hours, etc.);
  • Prohibition to open reading passage actuators if it is not registered in the system memory or not have access rights to restricts unauthorized access for persons to the controlled enterprise territory who are not employees or visitors to the enterprise;
  • Automatically generate the reset signal to the actuator in the absence of passage fact;
  • Control of the turnstiles at access points by commands of the operator (guard service);
  • Emergency open of the actuator in the case of the fire or technical malfunctions;
  • Mode setting for free access from the control room during emergency situations;
  • Automatic maintenance of access protocols;
  • Automated recording of the actual working time to put in an appropriate database;
  • Generate reports for timecard  and labor discipline;
  • Automatic generation of reports on deviations from the established work schedule (late arrival at work, early retirement from work, detention in excess of the time, etc.) with the possibility of transfer to departments and services company for further processing and analysis.
  • Display on a display on the graphic plan of the object in real-time alerts and violations with the location (priority mapping), changes in the state of sensors, readers, and actuators;
  • Display on a computer screen time and place of presentation, quantity of passes and attributes, names, name and patronymic of the owner, photographs of the owner, status (permit or deny passage);
  • Automatic maintenance of discipline passes through a global ban on repeated passes;
  • Use of the system permits for different categories (permanent and temporary - for employees, one-off - for visitors);
  • Assignment and editing access rights for individual permits and for groups permits;
  • Autonomous operation of turnstiles controllers when connection losing to the server controller mode (off-line).
  • Protection of software and hardware from unauthorized access to information, control access and the installation mode. 

 The overall structure of the system

The main elements of the hardware are the universal network access control system controllers. Each of these controllers can control the execution unit (the turnstile, barrier, etc.), has inputs for up to two readers, inputs for connecting a few buttons and sensors. In addition, controllers can provide control of a single access point with two-way access control (door with two readers), or two points in the passage of a one-way access control that allows you to use this type of controller in the prospective expansion of the system. Controllers have built-in memory, auxiliary inputs and outputs and support the operation with a loss of communication with the server access control mode (off-line). The generalized structure of the system is presented in the following figure.


The connection between controllers and between controllers and system server is produced by a 3-wire RS-485 interface. Connecting to the server is provided by a special hub-converter of RS232 (USB)/RS485 interfaces. The hub-converter has a single port RS232 (or USB) to connect to the server serial port and from one to four RS-485 ports to connect network controllers.

The access control system can use a hub-converter which has a four-port RS-485 and which will connect up to four lines controllers and 31 in each line, so up to 124 controllers.

Each controller is supplied with redundant low-voltage battery of constant voltage 12/24V which ensures reliable and trouble-free operation of both the controllers and actuators turnstile.

Personal badges

As an individual badges are available proximity-card with EM-Marine (Figure) standard. The choice of this identity type is due to the simplicity of implementation, robust and well-proven technical solutions.

Access system supports a significant number of categories of staff and their work schedules. When setting permissions you can set the start and end date of the period of validity, the time of the card, for example, allows the passage into the territory only in the first or second shift. Available and denied to the point of the passage of the card (turnstiles, doors, etc.), the time intervals on weekdays you can go through these passes points through the card, for example, workers may enter the territory of the enterprise only in its shift. 

The interior of passage points

In projects Khartep company uses only modern high-tech equipment and technology which confirms the reliability by the actual operating experience at a significant objects. Actuators are aesthetic, ergonomic and functionally complete design, interior design does not violate the existing points of passage. The figure shows a sample on the two points of entrance passage.


The standard access control systems can provide assistance following reporting documents:

  • Report on employees who have not initiated the work;
  • Report latecomers to employees;
  • Report on the workers who left prematurely;
  • Report on the workers processed daily rate;
  • Report on the employees who worked during the holidays;
  • Report on the employees to leave during the working day;
  • Report on the aisles of employees for a period of time;
  • Report on the events of the system;
  • Report on the emergency;
  • Report on the working day schedules of employees;
  • and others.

Training of personnel

Khartep company offers of customer training which is necessary for normal operation of the system. The training program includes issues related to the mechanical elements of the system with electronic assemblies and components, with major software modules.

  • The common list of topics within the curriculum:
  • Familiarization with the basic units and the constituent elements of electro-mechanical components of the system;
  • Applying of materials used in the nodes of the system;
  • Possible failure of mechanical components and their symptoms and remedies;
  • Basic electronic functional units of turnstiles, their purpose and function;
  • Check operation of electronic components, the definition and methods of eliminating of characteristic faults;
  • Main software modules of the system, their purpose. Software which is required for normal system operation. Requirements for the performance of computers;
  • Software Installation and initial configuration;
  • Working with the editor of the system;
  • Work with a monitor system;
  • Working with report generator module;
  • Utility system and routine maintenance.


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