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Corporate Culture

Our company focuses on corporate culture especially. This factor allows us to develop business in the right direction, and at the same time our employees get the opportunity to feel comfortable and they can realize of their professional and personal ambitions with the high quality.

The company has a policy of supporting and encouraging creativity and innovation of employees, providing all conditions for career, professional and personal growth. Everyone feels a part of the team "Khartep" and each participator of the team works on the overall success for the company and for himself. Quiet, friendly atmosphere, friendly relationships between people contribute to the achievement of goals.

The management and staff of the company cherish and respect traditions which are established more than for 11 years of working together. Mandatory birthday greetings and round date became into the celebration due to the common desire to surprise and please for the each employee. The traditional holidays like of February 23 and March 8 marked fairly unconventional: for example, the inspection system and songs for male or female beauty contest for a long time remain in the memory of the Khartep’s team, and after it each employee can proudly show photo and video activities for friends and family members. Annually corporate New Year's celebration is held in the company, where for the best employees you can hear kind words and gratitude and also the best employees are awarded certificates and gifts. And every year, the environment New Year's celebration confirms to us: yes, we are the team! Yes, we are together!

We can not only work well, but we can have good rest as well together! And this is an excellent index of martial enthusiasm and team unity.



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