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About us

"Khartep" LLC is a multidisciplinary enterprise. The high technical level and many years experience of our specialists and also use of equipment and software from worldwide famous manufacturers is a guarantee of the quality of our products. Today the most important demand is to get complete information quickly and reliably and to handle one in various aspects for making right decision in the business course for each of enterprises.

The economic situation and legal basis are very changeable now. The price of energy resources is becoming higher and higher. All this involves too much information to be handled and presented the user in understandable forms. Implementation of our systems and approaches can help you in resolving of mentioned problems and will cover all levels of business processes from low-level process control systems to the level of management enterprise system.

Systems which we propose you can be easily adapted to companies of all scales from the plant, which has several metering points to large regional and with thousands and tens of thousands of subscribers, metering points and dispatched facilities.





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