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Design video surveillance systems

At the stage of design work the architecture, topology, requirements for the environmental surveillance system and its functionality are defined by specialists of Khartep company.

The functionality of video surveillance systems is determined by its purposes. There is Security video observation and technology video surveillance system. Technological video surveillance system involves an overview of the process equipment which can be at the location from the operating personnel and that requires a binding confirmation of its correct triggering. Security video surveillance system provides an overview of the object in order to identify unauthorized entries to the object by unauthorized persons.

As part of the design the selection of equipment is made based on all requirements, as well as with the best rate of price/quality of selected equipment. The possibility of further development is also considered for video surveillance systems.  Overview angles are calculated and in accordance with ones cameras lens are selected too. On the basis of technical specifications data store is calculated. To guarantee permanent electrical power the quantity of reserved power is determined including the installation of uninterrupted power supply based on alternative sources of electrical energy like sun batteries etc. During the design of surveillance systems night lights should be also designed and (or) to select appropriate surveillance cameras.

Types of installed cameras can be hidden (they are usually installed in the premises and places where they cannot destroy by any motives), and installed in an open place, such as for the protection of industrial objects or cottages.

As part of the design experts of Khartep company develop a complete set of documentation required by the existing regulatory base.



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