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Marketing and consulting services


The Khartep offers wide services range to provide marketing activity and implement various actions and events for IT and engineering companies based on outsourcing approach.

Customers of these services among the IT-companies and engineering companies can be companies for which the staff and budget don’t imply a large complete marketing department, but nevertheless those companies need active promoting of its services to target markets to form a positive and favorable image of the organization for key customers.

The list of consulting and marketing services of the Khartep includes:

  • Study of market environment (customers, partners, competitors);
  • Identify target audiences;
  • Develop analytical reports for each of business directions;
  • Advice how the tender documentation has to be prepared of tender documentation following regulations;
  • Hold and organize tenders;
  • Develop requirements for personnel;
  • Organize actions and events;
  • Information support for foreign economic activity.




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