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Design telemechanic systems for electrical substations

Telemechanic systems design is based on the information about smart devices which are installed inside the substation (this information is usually listed on the substation single line diagram) as well as the types and quantities of controlled parameters that must be passed from the level of the controlled item in the substation to dispatch control room of the substation and very often at the control level of magistral electric networks.

Before to start design specialists of Khartep Company hold a survey of electric substations in order to obtain the following information:

  • The list of signals, control commands and measurements in the areas;
  • Requirements for the class of accuracy of the measured signals;
  • Requirements for integration with existing SCADA system, operating at a dispatch control room;
  • For the new SCADA system the structure of the system is determined by centralized or distributed, including a list of workstations both on the substation and at the high levels - main electricity companies in the main dispatch control room;
  • The list of main telemechanic equipment which is already installed at substations;
  • Description of communication channels and protocols for data exchange between all elements of the system;
  • The list and types of works including the supply of hardware and software, installation and commissioning.

Telemechanic equipment , signals, and measurements can be modified or supplemented according to the customer's requirements.

Khartep Company can supply as well own production telemechanics as telemechanics the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers, namely:

  • Siemens;
  • ABB;
  • Prosoft system;
  • and others


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