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Khartep LLC
UA Ukraine, Kharkov, 61036 11 Energeticheskaya Str.
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    "Khartep" LLC was created in 2000 through joint efforts and as a symbiosis of professionals with years of experience in the defense industry (JSC "Khartron" – the creation of process control systems for the military and industrial field in the former USSR for satellite systems with embedded and ground-based solutions, nuclear power, oil and gas industry), and financial and industrial corporations Must-Ipra (Kharkov, Ukraine), which provided technical and financial base for the rapid and dynamic development of the company.

   During its existence the "Khartep" company has proved itself as a reliable, responsible and a stable partner, in consequence of which the number of customers increased significantly, the geography of implemented projects was expanded, the number of company’s activities was increased too. Continuously within the company all business processes and production improved are progressing. The company is constantly expanding the number of long-term relationships with partners, both in the CIS and Western Europe and U.S. as well, which is one of the most important strategic philosophies.


+ 38 (057) 717-99-44
+ 38 (057) 717-66-46

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