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 Types of outsourcing:

The Khartep company suggests services of outsourcing as following:
  • IT outsourcing to maintenance and support various information systems;
  • Software design;
  • Engineering services to design Process Control Systems in various industrial fields;
  • Documentations design;
  • Consulting services and marketing.

IT outsourcing to maintenance and support various information systems

IT outsourcing is the process of transferring all necessary jobs and questions relating to information systems and technology to another organization that will be responsible for their proper implementation. IT outsourcing is a mean of reducing overhead and cost. So it has become an integral part of the way the world does business. The popularity of IT outsourcing because it can bring considerable cost savings when it transfers non-core business processes to manage by the third-party company in order to enhance focus on core business.
The Khartep company suggests IT outsourcing to maintenance and support various information systems for enterprises from a energy sector such as:
  • Energy transferring enterprises;
  • Regional Energy supplying enterprises;
  • Heat power plants;
  • Large consumers of power energy;
  • Enterprises which work in oil and gas industry.

Approaches to purchase IT outsourcing services:

  • Discrete – project oriented contract agreement which includes defined works within the stipulated time frame. Discrete projects can continue from several weeks to several years.
  • Long-term agreement, which defines how the customer will get the services to ensure the ongoing processes will rich defined level of quality (Service Level Agreement – SLA). These agreements are usually concluded for a period from 1 to 5 years


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