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Corporative LANs and connection systems

Khartep company suggests creation of corporate networks and communication systems with the possibility to combine them into a single multi-service network for various application.


Objectives of the establishment (or upgrading) a multiservice network for any company is:

  • Integrate of different services on a single multi-service network;
  • Create a reliable infrastructure for the efficient cooperation of various departments of the enterprise;
  • Increase the capacity of the communication network in the enterprise through using of modern technologies (optical communication lines, radio access, xDSL and etc.);
  • Increase efficiency to solve production problems;
  • Provide opportunities to apply new services based on multi-service network (e.g., telephone remote locations, video surveillance for different objects, security installations and much more);
  • Reduce operating costs to service a equipment due to the using of the modern equipment;
  • Reduce operating costs to service the communication network of the enterprise through using of the same type equipment;
  • Provide the work control of the various departments and facilities (implementation of new services);
  • Provide the ability to collect statistical information about the various departments and facilities (the introduction of new services). 

The structure of multi-service network

The proposed multi-service network consists of access points united in a single network with communication channels.

Communication channels can be arranged by different ways. Nowadays the most promising option for the organization is to create communication channels from fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL).

Where the FOCL cannot be implemented it is proposed communication channels based on the use of Wi-Fi Mesh technology or by another way in accordance with customer's requirements.

The block diagram of a multiservice network is shown in the figure below.


Examples of organizations channels based on different physical networks are presented below in the figures.


Example of SCS for the enterprise is shown in the figure below.




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