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Design of I & C systems

Khartep company performs all types of engineering works on the design and implementation of various systems.

Our solutions are based on modern technologies and standards, as well as great practical experience of our experts.

The company ”Khartep” provides design, supply, installation, commission and implementation of the following complexes:

  • Process control systems;
  • Remote control and telemechanic systems of electrical substations;
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • Communication systems;
  • Access control systems;
  • Systems built on the green energy.

Khartep company performs all design and engineering works in compliance with existing standards and regulations.

The project contains such works:

  • Analysis of the problem;
  • Survey of object and collection of baseline data needed to solve the problem;
  • Development and approval of technical requirements for the system;
  • Develop of conceptual design;
  • Development of basic design;
  • Development of detail design;
  • Supply of equipment and software in according with specification;
  • Delivery of operational documentation, in accordance with the approved requirements;
  • Preliminary work on the objects before installation the hardware and software;
  • Installation work;
  • Commission;
  • Fabrication tests in accordance with the approved methodology;
  • Training of the staff;
  • Guarantee service;
  • Documentation of the project.

Below is a list of key documents that may be developed as part of the work to create a system:

  • Technical requirements;
  • Draft project: Statement of preliminary design;
  • Explanatory Note to the conceptual design;
  • Organizational chart;

Technical design:

  • Statement of the technical project;
  • Structural diagram of the technical facilities;
  • Functional structure of the scheme;
  • List of tasks for the development of specialized (new) technology;
  • Scheme of automation (P&ID, F&ID);
  • Specification of the equipment to be supplied;
  • List of input signals and data;
  • List of outputs;
  • Explanatory note to the technical project;
  • Description of automated functions;
  • Description of tasking (tasks complex);
  • Description of a software;
  • Description of KKS systems;
  • Description of knowledge base organization;
  • Description of classification and coding;
  • Description of the array of information;
  • Description of the technical facilities;
  • Description of the software;
  • Description of the algorithm (design procedure);
  • Description of the organizational structure;
  • Location plan;
  • Statement of equipment and materials;
  • Local cost estimates;
  • Design assessment of the system reliability;

Working documents:

  • Specification of the equipment;
  • List of output data (messages);
  • Local estimates;
  • Diagram of the external wiring connections;
  • Diagram of the external wirings;
  • Table of connections;
  • Scheme of division of (structural);
  • Drawing off;
  • Principle diagram;
  • Drawing of the installation hardware;
  • Structural diagram of the technical facilities;
  • Location plan of equipment and wiring;

Operational documentation:

  • Statement of operational documents;
  • Program and test methods (components, systems automation equipment, subsystems and systems);
  • Form;
  • Passport;
  • Statement of machine data;
  • Array of input data;
  • Directory of database;
  • Instructions for the formation and maintenance of the database (data set);
  • User manual of the technical facilities;
  • General description of the system;
  • User manual for the system administrator;
  • User's Guide (the operator);
  • Manual of the technical facilities
  • Maintenance documentation for the purchase equipment.

“Khartep” company has all necessary permits and licenses to perform these types of works.



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