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Automated command and dispatch room of air traffic control

Automated command and control center (ACACC) of air traffic control (ATC) is designed to service aircraft in the arrival area and landing in the day and night under conditions corresponding to the minimum weather set by the ICAO recommendations.
The applying of modern technologies like satellite navigation systems can improve safety and efficiency of flight operations through the use of algorithms for automated air traffic control in the maneuver and landing on the course.
ACACC Composition
Software allows organize workstations for personal that controls flights and are specialized in the zones of responsibility and belonging - the military (civilian):
  • Workstation of the flights leader (Start Manager);
  • Workstation of the near zone head (Circle manager);
  • Workstation of the landing zone head (Landing Manager);
  • Workstation of the far zone leader (Arrival Manager).
Workstations are configured based on the number of screens:
  • Two displays – full set;
  • One display – an abridged version with retaining all the functions.
Functional tasks of workstations
  • Analysis of air and weather conditions;
  • Implementation of the planned table;
  • Aircraft traffic control in the areas of responsibility;
  • Motion control of aircrafts with a failed navigational flight equipment;
  • Security means in the motion control of aircrafts in their areas of responsibility;
  • Aircraft traffic control in a difficult situations of the air.
  • Display the radar information;
  • Display the calculation results of automated algorithms;
  • Display the radio direction finder information;
  • Display the planned flight table;
  • Display the meteorological information;
  • Display the help information;
  • Display the single time information;
  • Configuration of responsible persons workstation.
The ATC functions list 
  • Display the structure of the airspace in the area;
  • Display the static information of the course and glide path;
  • Change the scale;
  • Move the center of the display screen;
  • Zooming;
  • Display the radar information in the terminal area in graphical form with the ability to change the type of support and indication the form for special cases, out of sight from the radar, the absence/presence of the defendants and individual identification;
  • Display the radar information in the terminal area in tabular form with indication of special circumstances, out of sight from the radar, unreliable height code and board numbers absence/presence of the defendants;
  • Display the radar information during landing in graphical form with the indication of deviation from the course and glide path;
  • Display the radar information while landing in a tabular form with the indication of deviation from the course and glide path;
  • Construction of a continuous track of aircraft;
  • Display the history of movement of aircraft;
  • Display the planned flights table;
  • Organization of the procedural control for the situation of Sun
  • Control of movement and performance of flight crew assignments based on the construction of flight plan and flight in the form of the schedule time on the basis of the planned take-off table; make the correction in the current plans to construct a sequence of landing aircraft.
  • Providing procedural aircraft control in case of failure of sources of radar data:
o Construct the flights plan table;
o Alarm support in case of the departure delays and deviations from the planned table;
o Time calculation when aircraft will appear in aerobatic zone;
o Prediction and fixation checkpoints;
o Signaling of the location of aircraft in the checkpoint at the specified time when aircraft deviates from the established trajectories;
o Calculation of data in case of delays in departure and the installation of a new take-off time;
o Calculation of data in case of acknowledgment pass the checkpoint on the reports of the pilot;
o Calculation of the conflict-of-time release of aircraft in the control points, and you-filled landing, signaling and prediction of possible conflicts;
o Taking into account the implementation of the planned completion of the table cells;
o Preliminary landing aircraft sequencing;
o Fixing the actual time of landing aircraft;
o Transition to a procedural control in the event of radar sources failures;
o Calculation of crews flights for the flights changes;
o Assignment  an additional flight in flight operations and flight;
o Report based on the procedural control;
o Form the file to correct the planned flights table.
  • Provide the arrival distances based on the automated processing algorithm while aircraft landing in a circle, around and under the "straight" at the same time, around the turn and at the same time;
  • Calculation of the beginning of aircraft landing;
  • Display height in tabular form in the range from 0 to 14650m (48000ft);
  • Set the safe height;
  • Alarm system;
  • Automatic detection and alarm about the potentially conflict situations between aircraft, between aircraft and off-limits;
  • Ability to set the flight zone limits followed by automatically signaling in case to be closer;
  • Ability to input and display the character information in the area of flight restrictions; 
  • Construction of the trajectory and calculation the angle of rotation during aircraft landing with a failed exchange course system;
  • Prediction of the air situation, the calculation of the aircraft differences conditions with the zone in the given time, the preliminary forecast of aircraft out; 
  • Calculate the point to start aircraft rotation;
  • Warning about the dangerous rapprochement between aircraft;
  • Display aircraft positions in 3D;
  • Display the single time information:
o Fixation intervals of the departures;
o Timing attack on ground targets;
o Fixation intervals of the departures to appear on the target at a specified time;
  • Display weather information on airfields and information about the storm warning;
  • Display the operational information about the wind at ground level, the calculation of the lateral component;
  • Forming data table to send them to board of the aircraft;
  • Out of sight from the radar, or loss of radar tracking;
And also:
  • Extrapolation of the all aircrafts positions in the radar information screen at the time;
  • Specify the display source of radar data;
  • The extrapolation of aircraft with a loss of radar tracking;
  • Enter the call sign of the pilot tracking form;
  • Display bearing line and the flight path of landing at the airport;
  • Display the signal information about employment runway, landing gear;
  • Determine the distance between selected points of the airspace;
  • Determine the distance between aircrafts in real time;
  • Determine the origin point of the selected airspace;
  • Move the forms accompanying the aircrafts;
  • Operational call to help in special cases with lack of time;
  • Soundtracks in the special case in a flight;
  • Display the background information;
  • Display archive information.


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