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Energy efficiency and power energy quality

 The list of developments on the electricity quality and energy efficiency:

  • Measurement of electrical networks parameters to assess the effectiveness of their operation and development activities to optimize their work;
  • Applying of the automated control system of electric power quality to analyze its peculiarities for electricity consumers or electric networks;
  • Analysis of the electrical energy quality in electrical power networks and the activities development to ensure their compliance with regulatory requirements (implementation: an electrical network filters, automatic voltage regulators, active filters, etc.);
  • Calculation and analysis of primary and secondary losses in electrical equipment and electrical networks due to the quality of electrical energy, and develop recommendations on how to reduce and improve the functioning of the objects;
  • Performance assessment of the impact of power quality on performance and life cycle of electrical equipment;
  • Identifying of causes of deterioration of the electrical energy quality and determination of those responsible for its degradation, as well as an estimate of the damage as the individual parameters of electric energy quality throughout their full range;
  • Calculate the economic impact of reducing the electric power quality for suppliers and customers;
  • Develop energy-saving activities for individual consumers of electricity and power networks.


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