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Telemechanic systems for electrical substations

Telemechanic systems for electrical substations

 Purpose and functionality

In accordance with the sharing of solved functional tasks by the SCADA PC software and low-level system hardware implement the functions as following:



  • Measurement, conversion and control of reliability input analog signals;
  • Admission and control of reliability digital signals of “dry contact” type;
  • Automatic regulation of process parameters;
  • Regulation control in time of transition;
  • Automatic balancing, shock-free switching and unstressed transition when modes changing and settings of control loops;
  • Monitoring of parameters measurement in specified technological limits and alarms in case of emergency the values of controlled parameters;
  • Automatic control of the main technological equipment;
  • Automatic blocking of control signals issuance during the transition to control of the place;
  • Redundancy of measurement and control channels by emergency settings with automatic switchover to the backup channel in case of failure main equipment;
  • Automatic blocking and transfer equipment to a safe state in case of malfunctions and other contingencies;
  • Automatic diagnostic of technological equipment;
  • Acceptance and implementation of directives from the dispatcher workstation to change modes and control of the main process equipment (specify and configure the control circuits, switching from automatic to remote control and back, etc.);
  • Data transfer to higher levels of the system;
  • Provide information to users on the workstation PC.

In the low-level subsystem local automation systems can be integrated with existing systems which are implemented on programmable logic controllers of various types.

Technical means

Hardware complex of substation dispatch system consists of a distributed network of data collection based on the universal and controlled device which is called “Corundum-M”, blocks of signaling which is called BPS-1-16 (to record the status and changes to the hardware aspects of the controlled object with discrete outputs or counting the number of pulses arriving from the primary transmitters with pulse output), power remote control BTU-1-16 (to register remote command from the control centers and SCADA, as well as to output discrete commands to actuators) and the relay repeater (to provide interface telemecanic devices with remote control sensor of signaling (oil circuit breakers, relays, contact blocks devices, etc.).



The structure of the hardware of the substation dispatch system

Hardware of the substation dispatch allows to collect information (and input of commands) from all substation devices, including relay protect devices and RTU by various protocols and translate it into a standard – IEC 870-5-101/104 and transmits information to the high level of dispatch system simultaneously by several ways – through telemechanical channels (almost all existing protocols), asynchronous ports or Ethernet.

Software and hardware substation dispatch system can operate continuously without shutting down for the duration of life cycle (except for routine maintenance).

Efficiency of system applying

Application of substation dispatch system allows you to make next:

  • Improve the overall reliability of the power system and improve the quality of customer service;
  • Improve reliability of dispatch control of power energy supply;
  • Control the circuit power grid by remote control of switching devices on substations;
  • Reduce the availability time of equipment as a result of a rapid response to emergency situations;
  • Reduce operating costs related with equipment monitoring of circuit power grid;
  • Produce the further modernization of dispatch systems and telemechanic based on a single system approach.




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