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Design access control systems

There are different configurations of access control systems: the most common of these are designed only for one door, and the most complex are designed to control access for large enterprises, factories, banks, etc. Regardless of the configuration of access control systems the each system consists of some required nodes. These are controllers for control, identification readers as well as various actuators such as turnstiles, electromagnetic locks and latches.

At the stage of design work Khartep company specialists define the amount of enclosed spaces as well as the level of control you need. Access control systems are possible to combine with a fire alarm complex. Therefore, in this case, if a fire breaks out you can quickly unlock all exits doors, gates, turnstiles and turn on the fire alarm. In addition, it’s possible to combine the access control system with video surveillance system.

Design of access control system is based on the following principles:

  • Requirements of access control systems are defined by a specific task;
  • The most effective element base is selected with the best price/performance ratio;
  • The necessary software is selected;

·          The location of the equipment is selected based on the concrete task.

Design of access control system is very important. By installing the system you can get private access to the necessary facilities. The electronic system itself will control all the actions and objects and take the necessary decisions. Due to access control systems you get full control of access to essential facilities.

As part of the design specialists of Khartep company design a complete set of documentation required by the existing regulatory framework.



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