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Personal selection

Outstaffing allows you to adjust the number of employees, without changing the actual number of personnel in the company. This is especially true in cases where there are restrictions which are set of the law, regulations or of the parent organization for the number of employees. This is normal world practice.

The main advantage of outstaffing is quick and precise adjustment of the actual number of employees, as well as optimization of personnel costs: savings of over 60%. Herewith the number of full-time core staff can remain unchanged and is not subject to change.

Khartep Company offers the following structure outstaffing services:

  • Specialists in commissioning of information and process control systems;
  • Specialists in the design of process control systems for different levels – from instrument to HMI solutions;
  • Specialists in the design of CCTV systems and access control systems;
  • Specialists in the design documentation in accordance with standard requirements (domestic and international).
  • Specialists in the development of software for process control systems.



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