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Engineering centers creation «under key»

Khartep Company proposes to create engineering centers “under key”.

This service from Khartep Company includes activity list as following:

  • Development of engineering center structure, which includes a complete and optimal number of business directions, appropriate number of qualified staff, covering the functionality and all types of activity of the engineering center;
  • Recruitment for each of directions in accordance with the requirements of the customer for every skill level, including the management of different managing levels;
  • Arrangement and holding of necessary training courses to achieve the necessary skill level of the staff for each functional position;
  • Establishment of the necessary infrastructure to ensure efficiency of engineering center activity.
  • The functional activity of engineering centers may include:
  • Full cycle of software development for various applications and industries on the basis of outsourcing, including the design, development, localization, adaptation, testing, start-up (where necessary) and support;
    • A complete cycle of design and development of the following automated information and process control systems:
    • Automated metering systems for various energy sources;
    • Information systems with strong real-time constraints;
    • Automated dispatch control system (SCADA) and telemetry systems;
    • Automated process control systems;
    • Automated control and monitoring of mobile objects and other transport kinds;
    • Corporate and local networks;
    • CCTV, access control systems;
    • Guarantee power supply systems, including systems which are built on the basis of alternative energy (sun, wind and etc).
  • Design, engineering and maintenance documentation in accordance with the required standards and regulations on the basis of various software


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