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Perimeter protection systems

 Purpose and Objectives of the system


Projected and implemented by LLC "Khartep" integrated perimeter security systems company (KSOPP) are designed to provide round the clock security perimeter control lines businesses (including the lines of) the facts and to prevent unauthorized entry to the territory of the enterprise or beyond, combating the theft of inventory material assets of the enterprise. The main objectives of KSOPP are:

  • Continuous monitoring of the situation in the areas of perimeter security;
  • Maintain an archive of alarm events;
  • Display a detailed plan of the object;
  • Prompt notification of special units and services of attempts to overcome the perimeter;
  • Sustaining the continuity.

Priorities for the dignity of the system

The use of complex engineering and technical means of protection in different parts of the borders (on road, w / d passages, etc.) system implements adaptability to the specific features and conditions of the object.

An additional level of information content in the system ensures the incorporation of video surveillance subsystem. 


Alarm messages and several of official posts involve systemic mechanism to alert staff through visual and audio signals (including voice notification).

The equipment of the system is able to work with all-season weather conditions.

The low level of false positives, combined with a high probability of intruder detection is achieved by careful alignment and configuration modes of the equipment.

Using a series of industry-standard interfaces connected and telecommunications provides high reliability and fault tolerance.

The intellectual core is based on a server platform, which provides efficient handling, storage and distributed structure of the system

Principles of organization and structure

KSOPP based on the principle of centralized data collection, storage and processing of information from a system of security detectors. As a center for the collection of data and control signaling used by the remote device based on two-way security and fire control (PPKOP) "Frontier 08", which control the interface through an extensive network of highways is receiving data from the targeted network devices in the areas of distributed control. Many network devices in the cabinets of district (Shoop) connected to the guard detectors adjacent to protected areas Shoop perimeter, forms an extensive network of trails alarm.

As a means of detection used by one-and two-position radio-wave detectors such as guarding «FMW» (FMW-3, FMW-3/1, FMW-3/2, FMW-4, etc.), providing better performance in the application of foreign object in all weather conditions. 


At objects with difficult terrain perimeter (frequent changes in direction of the turn, breaks, changes in height, etc.) appropriate to the use of wires and wave types of security alarms.

Visualization of the object

KSOPP provides intuitive schematic representation of the structure borders of the perimeter of the enterprise in the form of maps. A set of cards contains the object of his enlarged and detailed multi-layered image, the quality and level of detail which meet the technical requirements of the system. At the same time provided by:

  • A detailed log of events;
  • The exact topology of the object;
  • Color selection status of protected areas;
  • The output of the equipment KSOPP;
  • Dynamic viewport. 

Структура СОП

  Controlled KSOPP event (alarm, change the status of equipment, etc.) quickly reflected in the respective positions of cards with symbols. If a particular event can be associated with different layers of maps, they will all be shown the system to assess the situation on the part of staff.

Map object KSOPP implemented not as a static object, but as an interactive interface elements - so that staff can make the statement or disarm individual security zones of the object, directly interacting with the graphic elements on the map.

 The central control of the system

Центральный пульт системы

KSOPP provides interaction with the operator through the display unit and alarm (monitor, display units, remote control, audio signals from the control console, display units and speakers built into the monitor). The system is operated via remote control with built-in keyboard and display. The figure shows a general view of the control panel indicating the KSOPP of controls and indicators.

Using the remote control of the system based on the use of lists and menus. All the same type of objects represented in the form of lists, all commands or configuration merged in the menu. The panel control unit consists of a standard set of numeric keys, function keys, and keys on the lists and menus.

Types and characteristics of security alarms

In KSOPP may include security alarms (detectors) in a sufficiently wide range of nomenclature. The choice of a particular type of detector is determined by the configuration of the perimeter areas, conditions and specifications of the customer.

Below is a list of standard security detectors used in the organization of the control perimeter security zones:



  The system of "turn-key": Ongoing

 Khartep company produces a full range of works on creation KSOPP, from pre-project site survey and ending with the system in commercial operation with a warranty and post-warranty maintenance on all of its life cycle. 



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