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Process control systems

Process control systems

 The purposes of creation of process control systems are as following:

  • Operational acquisition of objective information about the process.
  • Provide information to staff about technological process running.
  • Diagnostics of primary processing equipment.
  • Improving the operational reliability of the main technological equipment.
  • Increasing efficiency of the main technological equipment operation.
  • Increasing productivity and improving working conditions for the staff by reducing manual work in the monitoring and control of process equipment.
  • Optimization of operational mode for process equipment.
  • Remote control of process equipment.

Process control system is designed for:

  • Measurement, control and validation of analog inputs, digital and relay signals.
  • Feed control signals to actuators and valves of various types.
  • Automatic control (stabilization) of various process parameters.
  • Automatic balancing, shock-free inclusion and unstressed transition when changing modes and settings.
  • Automatic registration of passport characteristics for sensors, valves and actuators.
  • Remote change of setting, control loops settings, boundaries changing of emergency and custom process parameters.
  • Visualization on the workstations displays current values of process parameters in the form of chats with the possibility of scalability.
  • Archiving of all measured parameters, events and operator actions.
  • Providing interaction with the related process control systems.

Hardware and software platform of world brand names manufacturers which are used by Khartep specialists:

  • GE Intelligent Platforms;
  • Emerson;
  • Siemens;
  • Schneider electric;
  • ABB;
  • Allen Bradley;
  • Metso Automation.

High operational reliability of process control systems on the basis of these devices has been confirmed as the world and domestic practice. Process control systems of our design implemented on the specified equipment had not yet have any failures during operational time.

The use of fault-tolerant hardware can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Integration of equipment from different manufacturers

The ability to combine equipment of various producers in one process control system allows us to use the best solutions from various manufacturers. In addition, to take into consideration complete requirements for system development it can be useful to solve all necessary tasks for the customer without the redundancy based on a single type of equipment. At the same time through our system integrators solutions can reduce the overall cost of the equipment and get the best price/quality ratio.

Hot standby

For uninterrupted and high-risk industries we use hot standby solutions. The slight rise in the cost of the system is compensated by qualitative indicators.

If you are upgrading the software may change without stopping the process. In case of failure of the any process control systems element the process does not stop (the automatic changeover will run to hot standby channel). Redundant structure allows the equipment to diagnose the removable unit of the system and reduce the cost of the search for a failed item.

There is a possibility of metrological verification without a stop control.

The modularity and scalability of projects

We apply solutions which allow you to create an automated process control system of any complexity: from the regulation of a single parameter to automate the entire enterprise. The extension system is painless for the already-made automated sections and buildup of the system can do in the step by step manner and in parallel manner for unrelated subsystems.




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